5 Pack JXN Energy Drink Powder



In The Need of Instant Energy & Essential Nutrients…
To Manage Day To Day Extra Need

Instant Energy Restorative Drink

JXN ENERGY Energy Drink 50gm

*Quickly recovers lost energy due to fatigue
*Provides essential nutrients.
*Refreshes and energizes the body
*Fights lethargy & tiredness
*Suitable for growing children & sportspersons
*Enriched with the goodness high dose of Carbohydrate
(35 gm of the powder eq. to 1/8 th of daily need)

Designed to support and enhance

Instant Energy
Training Energy Intensity and Motivation
Strength, Power Endurance and Work Capacity
Resistance to Muscle Fatigue

JXN Energy
The Restorative of Extra Energy for Daily Health

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